New look for Knowles Transport

Knowles Branding Website

Knowles Transport has been operating since 1932, but hasn’t had a face lift since 1974. Whilst the familiar red livery has become synonymous with the Knowles brand an innovative look was needed to dress their ultra-modern fleet, ensuring products can be safely, as well as stylishly, despatched.

Knowles recognise the importance of staying ahead, and this branding review is just part of a whole host of activities they are doing to ensure they stay ahead of their competition. The new livery is complimented by a fresh new take on the logo which has been incorporated across the board, from documentation through to livery. The redesign extends to their website too, which has been built on a responsive platform so that the design and concept is not compromised, from wherever it is viewed.

Knowles Transport are delighted with the sharp and distinctive approach. It is entirely fitting for a company which is keen to embrace advancements in new technology, to enhance its service offering and secure a successful journey ahead.

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